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Part Time Jobs


Functional Area : Online Promotions and Digital Marketing
Key Skill : Basic knowledge of operating computers, Net Surfing site and working on mobile based apps.
Working Hours : 4-5 hours in a day
Package*: INR 2.0 Lacs – 3.5 Lacs P.A.

- Sending SMS through panel as well as mobile.
- Sending Email through panel.
- Sending WhatsApp through panel as well as mobile.
- Like, comments & share on facebook & other social media platform
- Write article, blog and review as per instructions
- Create back link, download app and all other digital media services
- All digital service as per client requirement

Essential: 10th from any recoganised board.

Experience : 0-1 years, Fresher’s can also apply, No bar.
Desired Candidates : Under Graduates / Graduates, working professionals, having basic knowledge of operating computer and mobile friendly.

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part time jobs in Kerala

One of the biggest advantages of working online is that there is no work pressure. Compared to office work, online jobs are less stressful, and no one will be following or supervising you all the time. You will plan yourself and work on what you are best at.
There must have had been instances, where everybody of us have often come across to hear about working online or online jobs, but had never given the serious thought to it. Changes in the economy and working patterns have made online jobs in Kerala common. People of different expertise and skills are doing online jobs in Kerala.
Because of its multiple benefits and other advantages, there is a sheer increase in number people getting associated with the organisations providing an opportunity to make money through online work or online job in Kerala, which further enables the incumbents, to earn an extra income just by devoting few hours working on internet or by becoming full time employee and earn limitlessly.
This has led to increased job creation across the globe with the rise of sites for freelance work being on the rise at the break of every dawn. Moreover, some organizations that are purely online based allow their employees to work from home in Kerala as well.
Designation : Your designation will be of an “Assistant” as soon as you get employed with PART TIME JOB in Kerala.
Role : The member who gets appointed, is required to execute the services efficiently assigned to him/ her. The member will be responsible to Promote the Vendors business by using the Promotional Services assigned by the ONLINE KAM.
KRA : Member must have got the basic knowledge for operating computer/ Laptop or Mobile phone for working in PART TIME JOB at Kerala. The services which the member shall be performing is wholly at the discretion of the organisation and depending upon the Vendors requirements As an employee, a member would be responsible to use all the promotion services activated by the organisation and as per the Software Activation Package.
JOB Profile : As an employee, your job profile will be to do perform Promotional Service for the growth of Customers Businesses. You have to execute the Promotional Services, efficiently to get the best results for the customers.”Promotional Services”: The member would be getting a panel window where he / she would be responsible to send the bulk text SMS, bulk Email, bulk WhatsAPP messages, likes, review, back link etc. The member need not have to type the text content for any of the above mentioned service.. These “SMS, Emails and WhatsApp” are system generated messages which would be sent on the data of mobile phone numbers and email id’s , as per Customer’s requirement. The member will be responsible to “Click” the Send tag for sending the Promotional Services.
Frequently asked questions
For part time job in Kerala
How can I claim or get my salary while working for PART TIME JOB?
The member will get his/ her salary generated, only on month/week end. The salary will be calculated based on number of Click made by the member. The salary generated will be credited into the Bank Account of the member or through other Modes of Salary Transfer viz. PAY TM, G Pay, UPI, Phone Pay  (in 7 working day's time.
Salary Cycle
will be considered from the date of joining. For e.g, if the member starts working from 5th Dec, then his / her Monthly Salary cycle will be from 5th Dec to 5th Jan.
Is there any fees, money or investment required in joining or becoming the member in PART TIME JOB?
Software Licence Charge is mandatory to pay before joining because company has a lot of expense like Server, Trainer, Software Development, Technical Support, Recruitment, Advertisement, Employee and Operators. Now it is Rs. 1180/- (Inclusive GST)
What are the skills required or Whats does Key Skill means for working in PART TIME JOB?
Key skills are the basic skills or knowledge required to do the promotional activities for the vendor. Basic skill includes operating the computer / laptop or mobile based apps efficiently.
What is the annual package, ctc or per annum salary in PART TIME JOB?
The members can earn from Rs. 2.0 Lacs to Rs. 3.5 Lacs per annum, depending upon the work done efficiently. The salary is calculated on the basis of Credit Points.
What will be my designation while working in PART TIME JOB?
Your Designation or Position while working in Part Time Job, will be of an DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN wef. 20th Jan 2023
What are the working hours in PART TIME JOB?
There is as such no predefined time period to work under PART TIME Job option. The members are flexible to work according to their convenience during any time in a day.
What is the Job Profile or Job Description in PART TIME JOB?
Job Profile or Job Description are the services which the member has to execute. There are different set of services for which the member would be required to do such as, Send SMS, Send Email. Send WhatsApp, Create Back link etc, which are system generated services.The Services are subject to company's dicretion.
What is the working criteria or how does the member works in PART TIME JOB?
After the registartion process or Sign Up is complete, the member has to fill in Personal Details. After the details are filled up a new page with a caption of PART TIME JOB would appear. The member has to click on the image and further would be redirected to a fresh page on which Create Click button will appear. After Clicking on Create Click button, a New Panel window gets open, and the member has to work accordingly as per the system generated services appearing in the new panel window. Note:.. Read the predefined instructions for successful execution of  services.
What is the Minimum Qualification required for doing or becoming the member of PART TIME JOB ?
As such there is no professional education or degree required in doing or becoming the member of PART TIME Job. Still, to understand the vendor's need and for better execution of the service, the minimum education required is High School pass out.
What is the minimum eligibilty for doing a PART TIME JOB
This job option of PART TIME JOB, can be availed by anyone, who is willing to earn and make extra income, by doing work from any corner of the house, cafereria or and anytime in a day. You just need an Internet access to start working.
Freshers, Under Graduates, Graduates, Housewives, Working professionals and also, Retired professionals can do this PART TIME JOB. There is no Age Bar Involved
Is there any target or is PART TIME JOB a target oriented job?
NO, There are no set targets to work as member of PART TIME JOB. The member earns money as per the clicks made. Every single click has got  monetary value assigned to it, which further is used for salary generation.
How much time do I need to devote or what is the flexibility working with PART TIME JOB?
The members gets the felxibillity to work, when and where according to their personal wish. From any corner of the house and as per the convenient time, the member can login to start working and earn money.
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